What I Am
Chapter 18th
Title What I Am
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After Aota flipped Sakuragi, Sakuragi feels angry, Aota feels confused, the judo team starts cheering, and Kogure starts to worry. Aota and Sakuragi continue fighting, but Sakuragi manages to headbutt Aota and take the pictures, angering the judo team. Sakuragi prepares to leave, but Aota grabs his ankle and puts him in an arm-bar. Aota tries to force a pinned-down Sakuragi into joining the judo team, as Ayako comes up behind Akagi and Kogure unexpectedly. When she sees what's happening to Sakuragi, she begs them to stop Aota. Kogure agrees, but Akagi stays put, knowing that Aota won't break his desired teammate's arm and that Sakuragi had the right to join judo if he wanted.

Meanwhile, Aota gets the pictures back and releases Sakuragi, but Sakuragi puts him in a chokehold. However, Aota flips Sakuragi again and tells him to join judo and get the pictures, but a fed-up Sakuragi lifts Aota off the ground, to everyone's shock. Sakuragi throws Aota to the ground, but Aota gets up and asks him again to join judo, pointing out that he only joined basketball to impress Haruko and that it'll never work if he does a sport he doesn't like. However, Sakuragi refuses once and for all, saying that he's a basketball player. Kogure and Ayako are delighted and Aota and the judo team are shocked, while Akagi leaves as though nothing happened, though Kogure and Ayako know better. Aota swears that eventually he'll get Sakuragi to join judo, while Sakuragi persists on trying to get the photos. 



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