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Sakuragi and his gang spy on Haruko's gym class, and she and a gym teacher notice them. Haruko waves, but the gym teacher conks her on the head. An angry Sakuragi moves toward the gym teacher, and so does Aota, who was also spying on Haruko. Aota is excited to see sakuragi, as the gym teachers confront them and Sakuragi's gang flees. However, Sakuragi shakes off the gym teachers and runs off, which makes Aota more convinced that Sakuragi should join judo. Aota then gazes at Haruko, who tells her friends that he was friends with her brother when they were little, leading Haruko's friends to become uneasy about her friend choices, as Aota is carried away by the gym teachers.

Later, Aota talks to Akagi and Kogure, telling them that Sakuragi is meant to be on the judo team. Aota points out that he only joined basketball to impress Haruko, and only in judo could he bring out his full potential. Akagi says that the decision is up to Sakuragi, despite Kogure's protests. Soon afterwards, Aota approaches Sakuragi and asks to talk with him. Haruko comes by right then and greets Aota, calling him "Tacchan", to Sakuragi's confusion and anger. Aota flirts with Haruko, shocking her and angering Sakuragi even more. Aota and Sakuragi then continue walking, and Kogure sees them and decides to follow them.

Aota leads Sakuragi to the judo room and hands him a judo uniform, but Sakuragi bats it away, wanting to know how he knows Haruko. Kogure and Akagi come to the outside of the building and watch the two, as Aota pulls out a picture of a child. Sakuragi gets the wrong idea and backs away from Aota, but it is revealed that the photo is of Haruko as a child. Aota then shows Sakuragi more pictures of Haruko from junior high and tells him that he can have them if he joins the judo team. Akagi gets furious that Aota is using his sister to bait Sakuragi when he said earlier that that was the reason Sakuragi joined basketball. However, Sakuragi shows interest in the photos, worrying Kogure, while Akagi sits there not surprised.



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