One Rainy Day
Chapter 15th
Title One Rainy Day
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Three people stand outside in the rain waiting for someone, as that "someone", Sakuragi, comes strolling along, not caring that he is late for school. The people immediately confront him. Meanwhile, at Shohoku, Akagi easily translates a difficult document, impressing everyone. The teacher asks him how the baketball team is doing, and Akagi says that he needs to push his team harder and that he had at least one problem child. In Rukawa's class, the teacher gets angry at Rukawa for sleeping and rudely awakens him, but Rukawa starts attacking the teacher. And in Sakuragi's class, the teacher wonders where he is, betting that he'll drop out soon.

Back outside, Sakuragi and the three people immediately start to get on each others' bad side, but the people tells him that they have orders they need to carry out. Back in Akagi's class, Akagi tells his classmates about his goal to win nationals, but at that moment Tatsuhiko Aota comes in and tells Akagi that the judo team will win nationals first. Akagi gets annoyed because Aota always does this when he talks about nationals. Akagi and Aota start to argue on whether basketball or judo is better, and Aota, who is revealed to have a big crush on Haruko, asks Akagi how she is doing. Kogure tells Aota that they're going to go far this year because they have a good new guy, but Aota tells them that he has one too, in the form of Hanamichi Sakuragi. He reveals that his teammates are recruiting Sakuragi right now, but at that moment his beaten-up teammates walk in to tell him that Sakuragi refused. However, instead of being disappointed, Aota is amazed that Sakuragi defeated his best teammates and is motivated even more to get him to join judo. Meanwhile, Sakuragi eats at a ramen restaurant, having given up on getting to school.



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