New Power Generation
Chapter 14th
Title New Power Generation
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Rukawa's groupies loudly cheer for him, but an angry Sakuragi slams the door again. Sakuragi notices that Haruko has become lovestruck and tries to shake her out of it, but Akagi tells him not to touch her. Sakuragi then begs Akagi to put him in, and Kogure and Ayako support him. Coach Anzai tells a still-unconvinced Akagi to let Sakuragi play, and Sakuragi comes onto the court. The starters get uneasy, while Haruko is happy to see Sakuragi playing.

Right away, Sakuragi manages to intercept the ball and dribble down the court, surprising the team. Rukawa runs up next to Sakuragi so Sakuragi can pass to him, but Sakuragi refuses, to the freshmen's shock and Akagi's chagrin. Akagi stands to block Sakuragi as Sakuragi prepares to dunk. Sakuragi flies through the air toward the basket and a fed-up Akagi. However, Sakuragi messes up and dunks on Akagi's head, sending him crashing to the ground. Akagi immediately gets up and attacks Sakuragi while the team watches embarrassed and Coach Anzai eyes Sakuragi.



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