The White-Haired Buddha
Chapter 11th
Title The White-Haired Buddha
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Sakuragi puts all his strength into passing, surprising Ayako and Kogure. Kogure thinks that Sakuragi could turn into a great athlete, and Akagi points out Rukawa, remarking that they were going to have a great team this year. A group of girls hang around the gym door cheering for Rukawa, as a man attempts to walk in. However, he is knocked over and Sakuragi goes and tells the girls to leave. The girls then start making fun of him, and Sakuragi furiously slams the door. The man then attempts to enter the gym again, but Sakuragi stops him. The man asks who he is, and Sakuragi begins to make fun of the man and starts jiggling his fat. The team is shocked at Sakuragi's actions, and Akagi hits sakuragi and apologizes to the man, who is revealed to be Anzai, the coach of their basketball team.

Anzai pardons Sakuragi and Ayako tells Sakuragi that Anzai was once a famously tough college coach known as the "White-Haired Demon" but has mellowed out and become the White-Haired Buddha. Anzai tells the team that he scheduled an exhibition game against Ryonan, whick shocks the team because Ryonan was in the prefecture's final four last year. Anzai then notices the great number of freshmen and ordersa practice game between the freshmen and the starters. Sakuragi gets excited, but Akagi says that he's not ready yet. Haruko comes and tells a sulking Hanamichi to be patient and work hard. The team gets ready for the scrimmage, and Akagi tells Rukawa that he won't go easy on him, but Sakuragi gets a bad feeling about the match.



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