1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Center Mitsui" is the 135th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Mitsui comes onto the court, subbing in for Kakuta. The freshmen start to worry, while Mitsui reprimands the juniors and seniors for doing so poorly. On the sidelines, Kakuta says that Sakuragi has gotten very good in the few months he's been playing. Mitsui takes the center position, and Sakuragi boldly challenges him. The game then resumes, with the sides cheering for both teams. Meanwhile, Anzai thinks about how Shohoku got off to a bad start in the final four tournament, and to have a hope of winning they must win their next two games. For this reason, Anzai knows that he must turn Sakuragi into a secondary center and help him regain his confidence. Coach Takato back at Kainan is also doing the same thing. Back in the game, the juniors and seniors get a four-point lead, and Sakuragi finds himself unable to shake off Mitsui despite his height advantage. Sakuragi finally gets the ball, but finds himself unable to do anything, and Akagi and Ayako know that what he's doing isn't going to help him. Sakuragi passes the ball, but Yasuda intercepts it and the juniors and seniors fast break down the court. Sakuragi tries to block Mitsui from shooting, but Mitsui passes to Miyagi instead. Rukawa jumps to block Miyagi, but Miyagi throws the ball between his legs right where Mitsui is. Mitsui scores, putting the juniors and seniors six points ahead. Sakuragi gains possession of the ball, but he is still unable to do anything because of Mitsui. Akagi states that Mitsui was one of the best centers because he could use his teammates effectively, as a desperate Sakuragi tries to force Mitsui out of the way. Sakuragi is fouled, and Mitsui sees that Sakuragi is a lot like Akagi was two years ago. Sakuragi gets angrier at Mitsui and sweas to beat him.   

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