1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Baldy's Revenge" is the 134th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga


On the train, some people are gloating about how everyone stays away from them because of their leader's face, when suddenly someone crashes into their leader. That someone is revealed to be Sakuragi, and upon seeing his face, everyone moves away from him. At school, the students comment that Sakuragi's shaved head makes him look scarier than before, and an enraged Sakuragi scares them away. Sakuragi and his new hairdo eventually turn into an exhibit where his gang charges people 50 yen to see it. The reactions are mixed, with most of the girls thinking that it looks scary, Haruko thinking that it looks cute, and Hotta thinking that it looks cool. Aota tries to visit Sakuragi and convince him to join judo, but Sakuragi leaves before he makes it.

in the gym, Sakuragi practices hard, and so does Akagi, but Coach Anzai tells him to take it easy so his ankle can heal. Coach Anzai has the team gather up, and he and Akagi notice Sakuragi's haircut. Sakuragi states that he shaved his head to remind him that it was his fault that they lost to Kainan, though later he tells Anzai that it was also Rukawa's fault. Anzai then orders a match of the freshmen vs. the juniors and seniors, but removes Akagi and Mitsui from the match, declaring Mitsui to be the referee. The two teams get ready, and Akagi tells the second and third years that if they lose they'll have to do 50 pushups. Both sides think they can win, and as the game starts, Sakuragi easily wins the tipoff with his high jump. Soon into the match, Sakuragi easily makes a dunk right in front of Kakuta, extending the freshmen's lead. Akagi states that since Sakuragi had played against Maki, Takasa, and Hanagata, Kakuta was not even considered to be a threat by him. Anzai sees that none of the minor players can best Sakuragi, and so as to not have Sakuragi get overconfident, he has Mitsui come on the court, telling him to extinguish Sakuragi's flame

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