Gender Female Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Team Shohoku
Year 2nd year
Position Team Manager
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Eriko Hara
English Voice Caitriona Murphy
Grace Cornel (GMA Dub)
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Ayako (彩子) is the manager of the team and object of Ryota Miyagi's affections. Strong-willed, somewhat tomboyish and good-natured, at first Ayako does not seem to reciprocate Ryota's feelings for her, which she knows of, and will not until the end of the series. She is directly responsible for sharpening Sakuragi's abilities for real matches by training him in the basics, such as ball possession and dribbling.

During the Nationals Tournament, the relationship between Ayako and Ryota developed to the point where he could confide in her about his uncertainties about the upcoming Sannoh match when he was alone with her, and during the match Ayako motivated him by writing the words "Number 1 Guard" on his hand to keep him focused and determined.


Her disciplinary style is midway between Akagi and Anzai: while not as soft as the latter, she is also not as hard as the former. Her last name is unknown. Curiously, Sakuragi treats her almost as respectfully as Anzai, even though she is in a lower position in the team. Miyagi refers to her as "Aya-chan" because of his attraction to her, and she responds by calling him "Ryota" rather than by his surname. She always calls Sakuragi by his full name.

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