1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Anzai's Strategy" is the 121st chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Coach Anzai tells Shohoku that if they want to win, they must stop Maki. Anzai then tells Akagi, Rukawa, Miyagi, and Mitsui to box in Maki, but Mitsui says that if they did that the outside would be left unguarded. Anzai just states that without Maki, Kainan will be thrown into disarray, therefore it's OK to leave the rest alone. Anzai then tells Sakuragi that the team will lose the match without him and tells Sakuragi what to do, as Takato tells Kainan to give Shohoku the final blow. However, he is interrupted by Sakuragi laughing with joy at Anzai's plan for him, confusing the crowd.

Shohoku and Kainan then head back onto the court, and Akagi, Rukawa, Miyagi, and Mitsui box in Maki, to Takato and Taoka's shock. Maki scoffs at this, thinking that Jin is unguarded. However, Sakuragi steps up and guards Jin. Maki still passes the ball to Jin, but Jin cannot get around Sakuragi. Sakuragi keeps thinking to himself that the game relies on him, but Jin suddenly breaks free of him. Jin prepares to shoot, but Sakuragi manages to rush up and block his shot, to Taoka's surprise.   

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