1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"A Man Full of Energy" is the 122nd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Ryonan exclaims in shock at Sakuragi's block, and Mitsui gains possession of the ball. Sakuragi then runs quickly to the basket along with Jin, and Mitsui chucks the ball at Sakuragi. Haruko and Sakuragi's gang worry that Sakuragi will mess up, and Sakuragi swears he won't, but he misses the shot, to his gang's chagrin. Jin prepares to get the rebound, but Akagi beats him to it and dunks the ball. Both Kainan and Shohoku are shocked that Akagi's foot isn't bothering him, and Akagi tells his teammates to tighten their defense.

This proves successful, as neither Maki nor Jin can get by. However, Jin manages to pass the ball to Muto, and Anzai prays for Muto's shot to miss. Luckily, it does, and Akagi gains possession and tells Sakuragi to run. However, Maki runs with Sakuragi, and reaches the basket to guard Sakuragi. Maki wills Sakuragi to come, and Sakuragi swears to beat Maki, and the spectators tell Sakuragi to not do it (except Sendoh). However, Sakuragi prepares to do a dunk anyways.

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