1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"A Guy With Strong Endurance" is the 125th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga


Kiyota gets penalty shots after Akagi blocks him, and Coach Taoka and Uozumi comment that these free throws are very important. Kiyota shoots but misses, and Shohoku begs that he will miss again. Kiyota shoots again, but once again misses. Sakuragi grabs the rebound in front of an enraged Kiyota. Sakuragi tells Mitsui to do a fast break as he passes to Mitsui, but Miyamasu intercepts it and prepares to shoot. Miyagi blocks him, but Miyamasu passes to Maki instead. Rukawa guards Maki, but Maki gets around Rukawa and scores. Afterwards, the crowd is amazed at Maki and the other Kainan players' ability to go around the entire court without tiring.

Takato yells out to his team to defeat Shohoku, but Rukawa manages to drive past Maki. Rukawa passes to Mitsui and Akagi yells that it's all up to him now. Mitsui scores, and Maki regains possession. Maki shoots and misses, but Takasago manages to get the ball in the basket, bringing Kainan's lead back up. However, Shohoku scores again, and the score begins to go in a pattern. The crowd marvels Kainan's strong endurance, and as the games goes into its last two minutes, the gym goes deathly quiet.     

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