1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"3 Days" is the 137th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Sakuragi keeps practicing shooting in the key, but is not doing very well. Akagi tells him his ball-handling is wrong and that the left hand only assists the right in holding and shooting the ball. Practicing continues, and Sakuragi misses again because his body was tilting. Akagi tells Sakuragi that he needs to jump straight up, and Sakuragi affirms that the basics are the most important. Akagi says that Sakuragi needs to practice until his body knows these shooting moves. Sakuragi is about to make his 200th shot, the last one for the day, but misses. However, he tries again and makes it, completing practice for the day.

Afterwards, Sakuragi sleeps in class to recover his energy, angering the teacher. After school, he continues to practice with Akagi, but gets distracted by his gang eating lunch and gets mad. Someone then tries to open the door, and Sakuragi yells at them, but the person is revealed to be Haruko. Sakuragi quickly apologizes and resmes shooting, but loses grip of the ball because of his sweat. Akagi begins to wonder if this is too much, but knows that they don't have much time and marvels at how Sakuragi has not complained. Sakuragi takes his sweat-soaked shirt off and entergetically continues, surprising Akagi. As Sakuragi shoots into the night, Akagi keeps telling him things to improve on. However, to Sakuragi, shooting practice is getting really enjoyable.

Kogure then comes in and congratulates Sakuragi's progress, saying that he was on his way home but came back for some reason. Akagi then decides to build on their practice by having Kogure pass to Sakuragi and Sakuragi shoot, while he stands in front of Sakuragi. When Sakuragi shoots, Akagi criticizes his shooting style, but Kogure encourages Sakuragi. Sakuragi is grateful to Kogure for being nice to him and taking the trouble to come to the gym, and Kogure says that he came because if Shohoku loses the inter-highs, the game against Ryonan 3 days later will be his last. Akagi and Sakuragi swear to not lose the inter-highs, and practice wraps up with Sakuragi's last 38 shots. Finally, Saturday, the day of the game against Takezato, approaches. 

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