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"1, 2 Years" is the 117th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The entire crowd is shocked at the change in the game's mood after Akagi returns, with Shohoku getting its first lead. Sakuragi asks Akagi if his foot still hurts, and Akagi denies it, but the look on his face says all. Akagi tells everyone to continue to play hard, and personally thinks that it will be worth it to keep playing even if he can't walk afterwards. Kogure looks at Akagi, remembering their first year and how they lost miserably. Meanwhile, Takasago gains possession of the ball and the coach tells him to not pay attention to Akagi, but Takasago can't get through and passes to Maki, to the coach's chagrin.

Maki looks at how Akagi is playing, as Akagi remembers seeing Shoyo and Kainan play two years ago, and that he swore to one day beat Fujima and Maki. Akagi kept on practicing hard, to the chagrin of his other teammates who had a more leisurely attitude towards basketball. Back in the present, Akagi swats the ball away from one of Kainan's players, to the delight of Shohoku's team. Akagi then challenges Maki, who begins to view Akagi as a real threat. 

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